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An Indian fdw is good choice for the Indian working family who have kids at home to take care. We have huge number of biodata for indian transfer maid singapore. Indian maids are well known for their loyalty and hard work . An Indian fdw can get adjusted into the new environment very easily. There is very less training needed and they learn by seeing the examples. Usually they are attached to family and create good bonding with kids in short time. Indian maid comes to Singapore to support their family and are very hardworking. People from India have their own dietary preference and an want specific helper who can cook the food of their choice. We go have many many bio-data of Punjabi maid, Darjeeling Maid, Sikkim Maid, Mizoram Maid, Gujrati Maid, Tamil Maid, Telugu Maid and many many more. If you are looking for Transfer maid please contact us. Okaylah Services Maid Agency Singapore is the best Maid Agency in Singapore. We can provide maids from other part of India like SIKKIM MANIPUR DARJEELING TAMIL Telugu Mizoram etc. Addition to this we provide Maid where we can help employer to choose the maid. We have many excellent Indonesian Maid who are well-trained and known for their well behavior to suit your needs. Indian Maid are well-trained in house hold work and known for good hygine, and we provide them based on your requirement. Anytime you can come back to use if you need any Transfer Maid from Indonesia, Filipino, Philippines, Myanmar, India or Nepal we are here to help you. We provide Sikkim Maid who are well in communication and are trained to suit your daily household need. Okaylah is best singapore job agency for indian

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OkayLah services maid Agency ensure that the customers are provided with the perfect helper that match their requirements and needs. We have dedicated training centres in Myanmar, India, Indonesia and Srilanka. Our dedicated training centre deliver dedicated training cources to the helpers so they are well verse in household stuff, cooking, taking care of kids , elder care etc and ready to work in Singapore at Employers place. OkayLah is one of the fastest growing agency in terms of more and more satisfying employers and building the smart customer base. OkayLah Services maid agency has the aim of creating vibrant smile for their customers modern lifestyle. OkayLah does screen each and every profile very carefully and provide a best Match for their customers. We assess the potential of helper by checking their interest, willingness to learn and get the best match which can adjusted to new environment.

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