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We can provide well trained maids from darjeeling. Darjeeling helper are very much popular for their hardwork. They need little training and very fast learner. Darjeeling helper are very good in cooking food and very well mannered. Darjeeling maid is a preferred choice for an indian family. A darjeeling maid can carry out the assigned duties to the utmost satisfaction of the employer. Darjeeling maids are educated and are capable of reading and writing to a considerable extent. Due to the varied mix of cultures in Darjeeling, the local and ethnic food of Darjeeling is also quite varied. Rice, noodles, and potatoes seem to make up the dominant part of the cuisine partly due to the cold climate. The most popular local snack food are Momos, which are steamed flour dumplings with meat or vegetables fillings served piping hot with a side of clear soup and hot homemade tomato sauce. Locals love Alu Dom (spicy steamed potato curry) and various versions of it are served. For example, they add Wai Wai Mimi instant noodles over a bowl of Alu Dom and call it Alu Mimi.

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Darjeeling maids are a general word for Maids from North East India, including those from Sikkim, Siliguri, Assam, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, and Gangtok.
These women are known to be more professional, maintaining a distant relationship with their employers; of course! employers desire their own privacy, even if they have a maid in their home.
Darjeeling maids are skilled cooks who are conversant with spices and herbs, but because their preferences differ from those of mainland Indians, it takes sometime  for them to develop their cooking skills. Chinese people in particular, who hire them, have a similar palate to Northeast Indians when it comes to food.
These people have excellent work stamina because the majority of them come from the highlands. However, due to Singapore's high demand for Darjeeling maids, employers are increasingly dealing with increased income demands and preferences from Darjeeling maids who have lighter workloads.

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