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We can provide well trained maids from mizoram. Mizoram helper are very much popular for their hardwork. They need little training and very fast learner. Mizoram helper are very good in cooking food and very well mannered. Mizoram maid is a preferred choice for an indian family. A mizoram maid can carry out the assigned duties to the utmost satisfaction of the employer. Mizoram maids are educated and are capable of reading and writing to a considerable extent. With 91.58% literacy, the 2nd highest in Indian states, Mizoram is a leader in the national emphasis on education. Because of this, its people have demanded that Mizo ṭawng be recognized as an official language in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution. The English language is widely used in the state, especially in the fields of education, official matters and other formal domains, as it is in other parts of India. English had already penetrated the life and blood of the Mizo people for a long time along with the spread of education..

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