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At Okaylah Maid Agency, we are providing the best helper and reduce your hurdle. For better training we have set up dedicated training center in India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Philippines.


We are well known for providing professional and trained Myanmar Maid, Sri lankan Maid and Indian maids for housekeeping across the country. Our Indian Maid Agency helps you in recruiting Indian Maid, Darjeeling maid, Punjabi maid, Sikkim Maid, Manipur Maid, Mizoram Maid, Telugu Maid, Tamil Maid, Gujarati Maid and South Indian maid for household chores, Your own style of cooking, baby care, Elderly care and other cleaning services. You can select your own maid for specific nationality, work experience, age, languages known and food preference. Our maids are very diligent at work and obey the employers. They are willing to work in flexible timings according to the families budget, work schedule in Singapore. At OKAYLAH, we ensure to help you in the hiring Indian maids by arranging video call, telephone call and help to select the right candidate. We also ask question based on your family need during the interview and make sure the candidate is a good fit for your family. We try our best to give you right candidate but if in case it does not work out, 0ur replacement policy is very pocket friendly in case of replacement of maid. Likewise, we try our best to resolve any issues in case of dissatisfaction from the clients.


OKAYLAH is the most popular Maid Agency in Singapore for providing trained and professional maids in Singapore for domestic work. Our training process is very much enhanced, and we do the continuous check for each and every candidate for housekeeping service at your place in Singapore. We are the best Indian Maid Agency in Singapore having thousands of trained housemaids profiles. Our Maid do the work diligently, Efficiently, correctly and help you in daily household chores.


OKAYLAH is the best choice amongst the employer who want to hire an Indian Maid in Singapore. We focus more on customer needs during the recruitment process and search the right candidate for the employer. During the interview process, we focus more on the customer requirements and access the candidate on those points . We provide our customer, verified background, well-trained professional hose maid. For the families who need baby care or elderly care, we provide you the best candidates who can do the job efficiently. At OKAYLAH we do provide specific classes to the maids for cooking, cleaning, baby care, elderly care, gardening, moping etc. We train them at their best, so they are best fit for your family and your household need.

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We provide trained well-trained maids from Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and India house maid. Affordable Maid Services with fast arrivals. We get new biodatas weekly. Call us to view maid profiles now.

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