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The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands. It stretches from the south of China to the northern tip of Borneo. The country has over a hundred ethnic groups and a mixture of foreign influences which have molded a unique Filipino culture. Before the Spanish explorers came, Indo-Malays and Chinese merchants had settled here. In 1521, the Spaniards, led by Ferdinand Magellan, discovered the islands. The Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world. The country is divided into three geographical areas: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Many overseas Filipino workers, commonly denoted as FDW, have assimilated into their respective countries. They’ve successfully improved not only their quality of life but also that of their family back home. Philipino FDW are very polite and very good in cleaning, taking care of kids , taking care of Elderly.

We provide trained well-trained Philippines house maid. Affordable Maid Services with fast arrivals. We ger new biodatas weekly. Call us to view maid profiles now. For a Filipino citizen to receive an exit visa so she can work abroad as a maid, she needs to comply with the POEA requirements. The maid or the employer must engage with a POEA accredited agency to obtain the necessary documents and permissions. Thankfully, there are more than 800 of these around the Philippines. As part of POEA regulations, the POEA applications can only be made through a Philippine Overseas Labor & Office (POLO) accredited agency in Singapore. Below are the documents needed for the POEA application: There are several ways to go about finding a maid, but direct hiring may be your best option if you want the freedom to locate the ideal match. Directly hiring a maid gives you more options than the handful that an agency may have suggested. It is vital to be certain about the individual you're employing, though, as these domestic assistants will be living with you and your family for a considerable amount of time. Once you've narrowed down your list of candidates, make time to properly interview each one. If you're searching for a maid to look after your kids, elderly relatives, or sick family members, make sure to inquire about their experience and comfort level with handling these duties. There are several approaches to finding a maid, but if you like the freedom to locate the ideal match, consider direct hiring. Your choice of maids is not limited to those that an agency has suggested when you hire one directly. It is vital to be certain of the individual you're employing because domestic assistants like this will be living with you and your family for a while. Set a time to properly interview your selected candidates for maids once you've made your selection. Ask potential housekeepers about their expertise and comfort level in handling these chores if you need someone to look after your kids, elderly relatives, or sick family members.

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